Monday, April 28, 2008

The Latest News On Heartburn

The up-to-date news is that heartburn isn’t so much a problem

as a symptom of other problems.

Antacids may bring relief, but gone are the days when you

thought it was the solution.

The myth of Antacids to Zantac doesn’t hold any more, there is more

to it than a temporary solution.

Acid goes beyond the stomach

Gastric reflux and all the similar titles are an acid problem that

goes beyond what goes on in the stomach.

All that acid has to go somewhere and there is a good chance that it’s being

stored in your body as fatty acids. The healthy thing to do is fix the

problem and then begin building a strong defense against other,

later occurring diseases that also thrive in an acidic environment.

Learn more about the heartburn diet and a whole new healthy way of living.

It’s foods that you can buy at the grocery store and simple

techniques practiced in eastern medicine.

Friday, April 18, 2008

An Acid Reflux Diet - Tips for Women

Have you noticed any changes in eating habits lately? Reoccurring episodes of acid reflux can call attention to changes that may be happening to your metabolism. These changes can be a natural part of aging, a process that starts in you 30s. Women know that their ability to absorb calcium begins to decline at this point.

It’s not that they don’t need it but rather it takes more effort to get the daily requirement. Doubling the need for calcium can be brought on by acid reflux. An Acid Reflux Diet means a meal plan that is rich in minerals. These can be found in fortified cereals, milk, soy products, vegetables and fruits.

To maintain a diet that meets the needs of strong bones and ward off acid reflux you should be eating several servings of these foods each day. How much plant foods and dairy products you need depends on how much “other stuff” you eat each day.

Many processed foods are acidic, which means more calcium is needed to compensate for the imbalance. By eating less acidic foods more minerals can be stored in the body. It’s a situation of healthy foods working as preventative medicine. You can find out more from this free booklet “Eliminate Acid Reflux Naturally.”

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Acid And Acid Reflux Diet

Many people overlook what an acid reflux diet really does. More than cutting down on the frequent pain that comes from eating too much. And more than offering a sensible alternative to antacids. Instead this is a condition that can affect millions of people and has caused far more illnesses than you may realize.

Acid is a problem whenever it escapes from the stomach and the possibility for damage can strike anywhere in the upper body. This can include sinuses and ear infections, sore throat, gum disease and inflammation of the lungs.

Fortunately an Acid Reflux Diet can be the preventative medicine that comes from eating the right foods - a low cost cure that can be found in the produce section of your super market. What could be better? There are recommended diet plans that can make this happen and there are natural remedies to help things along. Rediscover healthy food.

Get your free copy of Eliminate Heartburn Naturally.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Exercise makes you smarter

Often times we think of exercise as jogging and dumbbells. OK, there are lots of aerobics and tai chi enthusiasts out there - it all works. We all know that a workout is meant to have a positive effect on the heart, muscles and skeleton. Or to put it another way; on-going fitness has a track record of contributing to over all physical health and well being. But the often over looked bonus is the effect it has on the brain.

The brain functions on a higher level when exercise is a part of daily routine. It’s amazingly simple; this boost in metabolism means that more blood flows to the brain and more positive chemicals are generated that make the brain feel good. Isn’t that cool?

Depression, a growing concern, can be treated successfully by today’s wonder drugs. But the obvious, naturally made drug is often not gine its due. Even though exercise can produce a cure, drugs only make a temporary alteration to brain chemistry. Endorphins generated the in pituitary gland are the natural feel good drug for the brain. You’ve probably heard of “runners high,” a condition attributed to this chemical that the body produces, well that‘s where it‘s coming from.

Lance Armstrong, the cycling champion, certainly seems to have a positive outlook and he’s had a hard road. This may be extreme exercise for most, but the point is that there are benefits to be had that go way beyond muscle tone. Someone should do a study of how many marathon runners are being treated for depression.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Binge eating and heartburn

Still under consideration as to whether it is a stand alone condition, binge eating is, according to a survey, a common disorder. Because it takes place at random times, it can be difficult to identify. Generally, those that suffer from this have random bouts when they lose control and go into over eating mode. This condition, on the average, lasts longer than other eating disorders like anorexia. Because it doesn’t follow a pattern and doesn’t involve the usual purging that goes with other eating disorders, it’s harder to identify.

Heartburn can be a common occurrence with people who gorge themselves. Prolonged bouts can lead to other side effects, as well. Suggesting smaller portions would fall on deaf ears, but with conscious effort and a desire to change something could be done. There was a comic strip in the paper - the name escapes me - where one character says to another, “I like to get to work early, before my brain figures out what I’m up to.” That strategy could be useful here. By drinking a glass of water before eating and by taking smaller bites and chewing completely, it could, with practice, reduce over eating and heartburn.

A side note here: Recent reports show that some heartburn medicines increase the possibility of bone fractures. Remember that sunlight and vitamin D restore bone loss - take a walk.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Post holiday assessment

I’m still collecting information on heartburn and related areas that are of interest. Making it through the holidays was pretty easy. There were a couple of Tums moments but things are definitely looking up. In fact New Years was a piece of cake. Just a small plate of very delicious finger food and a couple of club sodas with a twist of lime. I had a great time and with no payback.

Heartburn is something that many of us have in common. And, if you feel as do that any long-term medication, unless it is essential, should be avoid then it’s time to look for a natural cure to this condition. It may be possible, even without giving up any of the foods I like - we’ll see. Being a snacker, I think, works well for me. By eating small, frequent meals it allows the stomach to produce less digestive acid and I suspect the body processes the food more efficiently. The problem is the evening meal with family and friends. Too much on the plate will spell trouble. So, to avoid heartburn I need to remember to have smaller portions. I’m eating very little meat and that helps, it’s harder to digest.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions

I hope everyone had a good holiday. And once again it’s time for the New Years resolutions. If yours included words like diet and exercise then you’ll fit right in with most folks who want to do the good thing. Studies show, however, that sticking with it is not an easy task. By the end of January half, with a tinge of guilt, will have given up. Shedding a little weight seems to be the big motivation for most. Health clubs love our lack of resolve - sign up for a membership and a month later…

But this year it could be different. Health pros will tell you that diet and exercise have a much larger impact on life than trying to fit into a pair of jeans. They also recommend that you do a health assessment before staring a diet or exercise program. Seeing your doctor would be the best place to start, but even before that it would be good to do a self exam. Trouble sleeping, heartburn, back pain, headaches, low energy level and anything else that has become unpleasant baggage should be on the list.

The healthy approach to living should have a game plan that will reduce calories as well as take care of any other issues on your list, especially any that involve pain. Taking OTC medication long-term is definitely not a good thing. A good way to make this work is to keep a diary. You can do this with the idea that perhaps it could benefit others to know how you solved these problems. Not only does it help you to track your progress, it works as motivation. And one of the big keys to success is the feel good part.

There has to be rewards for a project like this to work, both short and long term. And not just tape measure and bathroom scales. Diabetics that I know keep a running tab of everything they put in their mouth. It’s no big deal, just an everyday occurrence. Well it is a big deal - for them it’s very important to stay on track. My point is that, for them, it’s an everyday thing, like breathing. But they reward themselves for a job well done. The reward can be whatever, even a piece of chocolate cake or a beer. And bigger rewards at the end of the month or on the anniversary of a successful year help success to continue.